Accident: TECNAM Srl P2002-JF, EI-LFC, Coonagh Airfield Co. Limerick, 4 May 2008: Report No 2009-002

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The aircraft was departing Coonagh Airfield on a local flight with two occupants, the Pilot and a passenger.  The surface wind was estimated at 200 degrees at 10-14 kts, resulting in a crosswind condition.  As the aircraft approached take-off speed it swung to the left and departed the paved surface of the runway. The Pilot applied full right rudder to correct but, as the aircraft came back on the paved surface, the left main landing gear detached, damaging the tailplane as it travelled rearwards.  The Pilot abandoned the take-off, the aircraft decelerated rapidly and came to rest in the grass on the left side of the runway.  There were no injuries.



Occurrence Date: May 04, 2008
Report Date: January 08, 2009
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