Level of Response

The AAIU's response will be commensurate with the severity of the event, whether it is a commercial public transport, commercial cargo, general aviation or sport flight and whether significant safety lessons can be drawn from the investigation.

In general, the following options will be considered:

  • To investigate the accident by deploying a significant sized “Go Team” that may include foreign Accredited Representatives (ACCREP), Advisors, and Observers from foreign States (Public Transport accident and/or where significant fatalities/serious injuries have taken place).
  • To investigate the accident/serious incident by deploying a small “Go Team” to conduct a field investigation (normally for general aviation or sport flying type occurrences and some serious incidents to public transport aircraft).
  • To investigate a minor occurrence through correspondence using the AAIU Accident/Incident Report Form.
  • Where, following initial assessment, it is deemed that the occurrence is a non-reportable event or that no significant safety lessons can be learnt, discontinue the investigation but record the data in ECCAIRS.
  • To delegate the Investigation to an approved authority or organization (National or International).
  • To appoint an Accredited Representative (ACCREP) (Travelling and Non-Travelling) and/or experts for overseas investigations of accidents to Irish registered and/or operated aircraft (See AAIU participation in foreign investigations).
  • To appoint an Inspector of Air Accidents to provide assistance or advice where a State (military) aircraft is involved and the occurrence is not the subject of an AAIU Investigation.