UPDATE: Aircraft Accident – Abbeyshrule, Co Longford

17 July 2015
The AAIU has successfully removed the main wreckage of the helicopter from the towpath beside the Rustic Inn, Abbeyshrule and other items from the canal itself.
The wreckage was subsequently transported by road to Abbeyshrule airfield yesterday evening (18.50 hrs) and stored overnight for onward transit to the AAIU Wreckage Recovery and Examination facility on 17 July 2015.  AAIU interviews relating directly to the operation of the helicopter were completed early morning (01.15 hrs approx.) on the 16 July 2015.
The fundamental purpose of AAIU investigations is to determine the circumstances and causes of accidents and serious incidents, with a view to the preservation of life and the avoidance of similar occurrences in the future. It is not the purpose of such investigations to apportion blame or liability.
The AAIU investigation is on-going and a Preliminary Report will be issued in due course.
Investigations by An Garda Síochána and the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) are separate to the independent investigations conducted by the AAIU.

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