Serious Incident: MD11, N-803DE, Dublin Airport, 3 Feb 2002: Report No 2003-004.

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During its landing rollout on RWY 28 at EIDW, the MD 11, registered N803DE (Delta 129) started to initially drift towards the right and then slowly to the left-hand side of the runway.  Efforts by the Captain, the pilot-flying (PF), to counteract this drift through the application of full right rudder and right tiller failed, and the aircraft departed the paved surface into the prepared graded ground, which was rain soaked.  The Captain chose not to evacuate the passengers and crew through the emergency escape slides, preferring instead to wait for outside assistance and disembarkation by mobile stairs.  After approximately two hours, passengers and crew commenced disembarkation through the forward right-side (R2) cabin door and down the mobile stairs where they were immediately bussed to the terminal building.  There were no reported injuries.

Occurrence Date: February 03, 2002
Report Date: April 11, 2003
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