SERIOUS INCIDENT: BOEING 737-8F2, TC-JGG and AIRBUS 319, D-AGWJ, Dublin Airport, 16 October 2010: Report No 2011-019

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A serious incident occurred at Dublin Airport on 16 October 2010 when a Boeing 737-800 aircraft (TC-JGG) taxied onto the active Runway (RWY) 28 while an Airbus A319 aircraft (D-AGWJ) was on short final approach to land on the same runway. Dublin ATC had cleared TC-JGG to taxi in preparation for subsequent departure from RWY 28 and the aircraft was instructed to hold short of the runway. D-AGWJ had been cleared to land. The crew of the landing aircraft observed TC-JGG approaching the runway and initiated a go-around manoeuvre. Simultaneously ATC issued a go-around instruction. D-AGWJ descended to a height of less than 200 ft above the ground, less than 0.4 nautical miles (nm) from its touchdown point, before it climbed away.

The Report of the Investigation makes six Safety Recommendations.


Occurrence Date: October 16, 2010
Report Date: November 11, 2011
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