SERIOUS INCIDENT: BAe 125-800B, N1310H, Co. Kerry Ireland, 16 June 2015: REPORT 2016-005

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The Aircraft departed Runway (RWY) 26 at Kerry Airport (EIKY) for a transatlantic flight to Gander (CYQX), Newfoundland, Canada. Shortly after departure, as it was passing 1,800 ft, the aircraft contacted Shannon low level control. When requested to confirm their squawk (5) and passing altitude, the Flight Crew read back the correct squawk and stated that they were level at Flight Level (6) Two Hundred.
The Controller was concerned that the aircraft had levelled out at 2,000 ft and was tracking towards high ground in the Slieve Mish area of Co. Kerry. The controller then instructed the Flight Crew to climb to Flight Level Three Zero Zero and to expedite their climb until they were through four thousand feet. The Flight Crew complied with this instruction and the flight proceeded without further incident.
(5) Squawk: A four digit code assigned by ATC for this particular aircraft. The Pilot inputs the code on the aircraft transponder system and thereafter that code is transmitted by the aircraft for ATC identification purposes.
(6) Flight Level: Three-digit representation of aircraft altitude referenced to standard pressure.
Occurrence Date: June 16, 2015
Report Date: April 19, 2016
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