SERIOUS INCIDENT: ATR 72-212A, EI-REL near Cork Airport, 2 January 2014: Report 2015-007

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The aircraft, which was on a scheduled passenger flight, carried out a go-around from its first approach to Runway (RWY) 25 at Cork Airport (EICK) in stormy weather, due to a significant increase in indicated airspeed on short final. The aircraft then positioned under radar control for a second approach to the same runway. Its track brought it south of EICK, close to the coast and at times over the sea. During this time, a thick layer of sea salt formed on the front windscreens, obscuring the Flight Crew’s forward visibility. As it was not possible to acquire the necessary visual references for landing, a second go-around was flown.
The Flight Crew flew the aircraft to areas of shower activity and a small portion of the Commander’s windscreen was cleared. A third approach was flown to a successful landing.
Occurrence Date: January 02, 2014
Report Date: April 30, 2015
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