Serious Incident: Airbus A330-202, EI-DAA, 35 degrees West Longitude, 2 January 2006: Report No 2007-018

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EI-DAA was cruising at FL 380 in smooth conditions with no turbulence reported.  During the cruise, at 35° West Longitude, the aircraft received several severe jolts, which caused the autopilot to disengage.  The Captain immediately took control of the aircraft.  The seat belt sign had not been switched on before the encounter, but was switched on immediately the turbulence started.  For approximately one minute the aircraft experienced moderate turbulence, with the aircraft flown in manual control.  When the turbulence eased the autopilot was re-engaged.  The Cabin Manager advised the Captain that six crewmembers were injured during the turbulence.  On arrival into JFK, five of the injured crewmembers were taken to see the company doctor.  The injuries to the Cabin Crew were not considered serious.  Seven of the crewmembers operated back to Dublin the following day and the remaining three positioned home on the same flight.

Occurrence Date: September 04, 2007
Report Date: September 11, 2007
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