Serious Incident: A330-301, EI-CRK, 53N 15 W ( MALOT), 18 August 2005: Report No 2007-011

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The Captain of EI-CRK was making an approach for Runway (RWY) 24 at Shannon when he reported a pressurisation problem and was unable to control cabin altitude.  The aircraft broke off the approach and was vectored for a second approach.  The aircraft landed safely at 13.17 hrs.


The aircraft later took off for JFK Airport (New York, USA) but at 53N 15W the Captain declared a PAN due to pressurisation problems.  The aircraft made an emergency descent from FL350 and the Captain requested a diversion to Shannon.  A normal approach was executed and the aircraft, although overweight, landed safely at 16.23 hrs.  There were no injuries.


Occurrence Date: June 11, 2007
Report Date: June 11, 2007
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