Incident:DC-8-63F,N865F,Shannon Airport (EINN), Ireland, 28 March 2008, Report No:2009-008

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Shortly after take-off from Runway (RWY) 24 at EINN, while still in the initial climb phase, the cargo aircraft suffered a series of compressor stalls to the No. 1 engine.  This engine was shut down and shortly afterwards a compressor stall occurred on a second engine.  The aircraft declared an emergency, descended to increase speed and turned back towards EINN.  After engine anti-ice was activated the engines stabilised and later the No. 1 engine was successfully restarted.  The aircraft subsequently landed safely on RWY 24 at EINN with all four engines operating normally having been airborne for 14 minutes.  There was no damage.

Occurrence Date: March 28, 2008
Report Date: April 09, 2009
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