Incident: Shorts 360, G-SSWR, Dublin Airport, 12 Jun 2002: Report No 2002-010

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The First Officer, who was the handling pilot, carried out a normal landing on Runway 16. Shortly thereafter the local air traffic controller gave this instruction “vacate at the end onto Echo 1, then a right turn up to Stand 60” The pilot realized that he was near the runway end, there was a sharp sound of braking (audible on the ATC tape as the pilots transmit button was pressed) and the aircraft stopped with its nose wheel in the grass area.  As a result of this runway excursion the airport was closed to traffic from 0123 to 0230 hours.  One diversion to Belfast occurred.the aircraft stopped with its nose wheel in the grass area. 


Occurrence Date: June 12, 2002
Report Date: September 12, 2002
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