INCIDENT: Roko Aero NG4 UL, OK-TUR 22, Near Wicklow town, 30 December 2014 : Report 2015-013

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The microlight aircraft departed Newcastle Airfield (EINC), County Wicklow, with two pilots on board. The intention was to perform a short flight before returning to EINC. Approximately 20 minutes into the flight, a small amount of blue smoke was noticed in the cockpit, followed by a loss of engine oil pressure. The decision was made to carry out a forced landing and a suitable field was selected. To prevent engine damage, the Pilot shut down the engine during the approach to the chosen field.
The aircraft landed and came to rest without further incident. There were no injuries and the aircraft was undamaged. Subsequent examination revealed that a hose supplying engine oil to the engine oil cooler had disconnected in flight, resulting in the loss of all engine oil.
Two Safety Recommendations have been made as a result of this investigation.
Occurrence Date: December 30, 2014
Report Date: July 06, 2015
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