INCIDENT: Raj Hamsa X-Air Mk. 2 Falcon, EI-DBI, Kiltyclough Co. Galway, 28 February 2016: REPORT 2016-010

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The Pilot who was the sole occupant of the aircraft, was engaged on a local circuit training detail at Lurgan More Airfield, Co. Galway. Following a full stop landing, the Pilot completed the take-off checks and took off again from Runway (RWY) 22. At approximately 350-400 feet after take-off the engine ‘spluttered for a couple of seconds’ and then ‘cut out’. The Pilot carried out a forced landing in a grass field with the aircraft incurring minor damage. There were no injuries. The Pilot contacted the AAIU by phone following the occurrence.
Occurrence Date: February 28, 2016
Report Date: July 04, 2016
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