Incident: Pitts S2AE, G-PITS, Weston Aerodrome, 25 January 1998: Report No 1998-013

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The pilot had landed on Runway 07, at Weston Aerodrome, at the end of his second local flight of the day. He turned the aircraft on the runway, and was backtracking, on the runway, to the aircraft parking area. The runway is tarmac and is 890 metres long and 15 metres wide. Given the restricted forward view in this aircraft type, the pilot zig-zagged while taxiing, in order to ensure that the runway was clear in front of him.
Due to the busy nature of the airfield at weekends, such as the Saturday morning in question, the pilot conducted the backtracking in an expeditious manner.
During one of the zig-zag manoeuvres, the right main wheel departed the tarmac surface and entered soft ground. This caused the aircraft to ground loop, off the runway, about the right hand main wheel. In the ground loop, the left wing tip struck the ground.
Occurrence Date: January 25, 1998
Report Date: October 02, 1998
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