Incident: Lockheed L 1011 CS-TEB (Civil) & Learjet 40085 (Military), Nr Dublin Airport, 7 Nov 1999: Report No 1999-016

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The military trainer, a Learjet LJ35, was engaged in VOR/DME approach training to Runway 11, at Casement Aerodrome, Baldonnel, which is a military aerodrome 10 miles south-west of Runway 10 at Dublin Airport. At the same time the L1011 aircraft, approaching from the South, was being radar vectored on to the localiser of Runway 10 at Dublin Airport. Whilst the L1011 was at 2500 ft, on the localiser, between 7-8 miles from touchdown, the military trainer was on a northerly heading at 2100 ft, and came within 1.5 miles, and 400 ft of the L1011 aircraft.



Occurrence Date: November 10, 1998
Report Date: September 19, 1999
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