Incident: Ilyushin, IL-62M, 86512, Aeroflot, Shannon Aiport, 14 Sep 1996: Report No 1998-005

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On 13th. September 1996 an Ilyushin IL-62M aircraft of Aeroflot, Russian International Airlines, callsign AFL328, (hereafter referred to as 328), departed Chicago O"Hare Airport for a scheduled flight to Shannon Airport.

As it came into Shannon controlled airspace 328 was cleared directly to the airfield where the Approach Radar Controller gave the aircraft radar vectors to enable it to carry out an Instrument Landing System (ILS) approach to Runway (Rwy) 24.  The winds were light South-easterly, with visibility varying between 800 metres and 1600 metres.  This ILS approach was unsuccessful and at approximately 200 feet agl the pilot decided to go- around again.  Members of the public residing in the Clenagh area observed the aircraft during this go-around manoeuvre.

The aircraft then carried out a second and successful approach and landing to Rwy 24.  Following a crew change the aircraft continued on its journey to Moscow.



Occurrence Date: September 14, 1996
Report Date: May 28, 1998
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