Incident: Fokker, EI-FKD, Cork Airport, 29 Oct 2000: report No 2001-012

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The aircraft (EI-FKD) was on a scheduled flight from Dublin (EIDW) to EICK. The en-route segment of the flight was uneventful. A standard ILS approach was flown to runway (RWY) 17 at EICK.  Shortly after landing, the aircraft weather-cocked right, into wind and drifted towards the right-hand side of RWY 17/35. The aircraft departed the right-hand side of the paved runway surface approximately 305 metres south of the intersection of both runways and continued on over soft ground for a further 195 metres, before finally coming to a stop.  There were no injuries. The aircraft suffered some minor propeller and tyre damage.  Some additional damage was caused to the runway infrastructure.




Occurrence Date: October 29, 2000
Report Date: September 10, 2001
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