Incident: DC10, N526 MD, Nr Shannon Clare, 14 Feb 2002: Report No 2003-002

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The cargo aircraft was in a descent to Shannon and was about 10 minutes out when the yellow smoke caution and the Captains “master caution” light illuminated in the cockpit.  The No.2 pneumatic manifold failure light then illuminated quickly followed by a cargo area fire warning light and Captains master fire warning light.  The Captain declared an emergency and ATC notified the Airport Fire Services.  As the aircraft came to a halt on Runway 24 (RWY 24) it was met by sections of this Service.  Immediate evacuation of the crew of the aircraft and two passengers was made using a crash rescue ladder and exiting through the front LH door.  When the smoke cleared it was found that the air bleed duct of the No.2 engine had ruptured and the impinging hot air charred the insulation, generating the smoke in the process.  There were no injuries.

Occurrence Date: February 14, 2002
Report Date: March 03, 2003
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