Incident: Bombardier, DHC-8-402, G-JEDR Waterford Airport (EIWT), Ireland 5 June 2012: Report 2012-019

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G-JEDR was cleared by Air Traffic Control (ATC) to back-track on Runway (RWY) 21 before turning around and lining up for take-off. A runway turn pad is located before the threshold of RWY 21 that facilitates a 180-degree turn by aeroplanes. The aircraft taxied onto the pad and turned right in order to make a left hand 180 degree turn. While doing so at a slow speed the right main wheel went off the pavement into an adjacent gravel strip. There were no injuries to crew or passengers and no apparent damage to the aircraft.

Occurrence Date: June 05, 2012
Report Date: November 28, 2012
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