Incident: Boeing B737-800, EI-CSZ, Charleroi Airport Belgium, 13 Sep 2002, Report No 2004-013

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The aircraft departed Charleroi Airport on a scheduled flight to Stanstead, UK. Shortly after take off the First Officer noted that the Captain had leaned to one side and did not respond to prompting.  Realising that the Captain was incapacitated the First Officer advised Brussels ATC that he had a pilot incapacitation problem and requested a return to the departure airfield, Charleroi.  An Emergency was declared.

The No. 1 Cabin Crew Member (CCM) (1) was summoned to the cockpit and put a therapeutic   oxygen mask on the unconscious Captain.  It appeared that the Captain was lifeless.  The aircraft returned immediately and landed safely at Charleroi. A husband and wife medical doctor team on board the aircraft attempted to revive the Captain.  Eventually with the aid of the airport and Local Authority Emergency Services, the Captain responded to intensive revival efforts and was removed to hospital in a critical condition


This Report makes three safety recommendations.

Occurrence Date: September 13, 2002
Report Date: August 25, 2004
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