Incident: Boeing 737, EI-BXC, Cork Airport, 6 Jun 1998: Report No 1999-004

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The AAIU was informed of this incident by Cork ATC at 0645 hrs on 6th. June 1998.
The aircraft which was on a holiday charter flight from Faro, Portugal, to Cork, landed on Runway 17 at Cork Airport. The weather conditions at the time were poor with mist, poor visibility and very low cloud.
The weather passed to the aircraft at 0505 hrs was:-
Wind 170/03,
Visibility 600 M, light rain and fog,
Cloud Scattered 100, Broken 200, Broken 600,
Temperature 12ºC
QNH 1004,
RVR 750 M, 1100 M.
During the landing roll a mechanical digger was observed by the crew to exit the runway on the right hand side approximately 250 feet in front of the aircraft. A van which was parked on the right hand side of the runway did not exit.
The aircraft was stopped short of the van using maximum reverse thrust and overriding the auto brake system to achieve greater braking than was available at the level 2 auto brake setting. It was also necessary for the aircraft to depart from the runway centreline.
Occurrence Date: June 06, 1998
Report Date: April 02, 1999
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