Incident: A320, EI-TLI, 23NM Dublin Airport, 18 Oct 1998: Report No 2001-002

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On 18th October 1998 the aircraft was on a flight from Rome to Dublin when at 23 NM from Dublin Airport a warning appeared on the aircraft’s monitoring system that the hydraulic pressure in one of its hydraulic systems had reduced to a low level.  At the same time the aircraft was struck by lightning.  The Captain disconnected the autopilot and took over control of the aircraft.  Directional control was difficult.  “PAN” call (emergency) was then declared and ATC advised of weather conditions at Dublin Airport.  The crew noted that No. 3 spoiler on the starboard was stuck in the up position.  The aircraft was becoming more difficult to control as the approach speed was reached and a higher speed was selected.  The roll to the right became severe at touchdown and full left aileron was used in the landing.  Ground spoilers then deployed in the normal way and the aircraft continued the ground roll.  On landing it was discovered that No.3 spoiler starboard side remained up and that the spoiler actuator was leaking hydraulic oil.



Occurrence Date: October 18, 1998
Report Date: January 28, 2001
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