Final Report: Serious Incident involving a Boeing 767 300 33A, registration (N378AX) at Shannon Airport on 15 August 2019 Report No 2021-010

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During the take-off roll on Runway (RWY) 24 at Shannon Airport (EINN), Ireland, the Commander heard an unusual noise and elected to reject the take-off. Following the rejected take-off, the aircraft was taxied to a holding area for brake cooling. It was subsequently decided to return to the parking stand. During the taxi back to stand, Shannon ATC observed smoke and then a fire in the area of the left main landing gear. Airport Fire and Rescue Service (AFRS) vehicles were deployed and the fire was extinguished. The passengers and crew evacuated the aircraft via emergency slides. One passenger sustained a minor injury during the evacuation.
Occurrence Date: August 15, 2019
Report Date: November 22, 2021
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