Final Report: Serious Incident ATR 42-300, (EI-CBK) Carrickfinn, Donegal, Ireland 7 September 2016: Report -2018-012

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The aircraft, an ATR 42-300, was landing at Donegal Airport (EIDL) in strong winds following a scheduled passenger flight from Dublin Airport (EIDW). During the landing roll, after the aircraft had touched down on the runway, it veered to the left and departed the tarmac surface onto the grass adjacent to the runway. The pilot steered the aircraft back onto the runway and came to a halt. Following a brief discussion between the crew, it was decided to continue to taxi the aircraft to the parking stand. The passengers disembarked normally.
There were no injuries reported to the Investigation and the aircraft was undamaged.


Occurrence Date: September 07, 2016
Report Date: July 13, 2018
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