Final Report: Accident Cessna F172P Skyhawk (EI-ING), near Craughwell Airfield, Co Galway, 4 August 2018. Report 2020-015

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The Cessna F172P aircraft, with one Pilot and two passengers on board, had just flown from Weston Airport, Co. Dublin, to Craughwell Airfield, Co. Galway, where the landing on Runway 34 was fast and long. Upon realising that there was a stone wall located just beyond the end of the runway at the airfield boundary, and that the aircraft was not going to stop in the distance remaining, the Pilot applied engine power and took-off again. The aircraft marginally cleared the boundary wall, briefly climbed and travelled over the field immediately beyond the boundary wall. It then lost altitude, drifted left, and struck a tree at the far boundary of the field, before impacting with the ground and coming to rest. The three occupants evacuated the aircraft with some difficulty and the emergency services brought them to hospital for assessment. There was no fire.
Occurrence Date: August 04, 2018
Report Date: September 07, 2020
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