Accident: Steen Skybolt, EI-CIZ, Ardfert Private Airfield Co. Kerry, 29 July 2007, Report No 2008-026

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The Pilot flew from Coonagh Airfield, near Limerick City, to Ardfert, Co. Kerry, where he carried out a pre-arranged aerobatics display for the Ardfert Festival.  This display lasted about 18 minutes in good clear weather conditions.  On completion, the Pilot flew to the nearby Ardfert Airfield where he landed on Runway (RWY) 33 and spent a relaxed 20 minutes in the company of some of his pilot colleagues from Coonagh Flying Club.

On departure from this airfield, the Pilot carried out a number of aerobatic manoeuvres along the axis of RWY 15 and, in the final roll manoeuvre, the aircraft’s engine was heard to ‘bang’ and ‘splutter’, as it cut out.  The Pilot, who was in a climbing roll to the right at the time, managed to straighten the aircraft’s wings but, as it rapidly lost height, the aircraft initially impacted in the corner of a field and then it’s hedge covered stone boundary wall.  This field was adjacent to the airfield.  There was no fire but the aircraft was destroyed by this double ground impact. Although his seven point harness remained intact, the pilot was fatally injured in the accident.

The Gardaí and Fire Services quickly attended the scene. Once the AAIU Inspectors of Accidents had completed their initial investigation on site, the wreckage of the aircraft was removed the next afternoon to the AAIU facility at Gormanston, Co. Meath, for a detailed technical examination.

Occurrence Date: July 29, 2007
Report Date: November 13, 2008
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