Accident; Socata TB 9, EI-FLY, Lucan Golf Club, 3 Jan 1999: Report No 1999-013

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On Sunday 3rd January 1999, two members of a private flying group decided to take their aircraft on a routine flight in order to build up hours required for the renewal of their PPL licences. The aircraft was based at Weston Aerodrome which was also the point of departure.  

After take-off Pilot A handed over control to Pilot B who flew the aircraft to the Trim area where he carried out some general handling practice. Both pilots agreed that the aircraft handled well for the duration of the flight and that there were no technical problems with the aircraft. After one hour they returned to Weston where Pilot A carried out three uneventful touch and go circuits on Runway 25. He then handed over control to Pilot B who, in turn, wanted to practice some circuits from the right hand seat.

Pilot B's initial two circuits were uneventful. On his third and final circuit he recalls that he selected ½ flap on Base leg, and, while initially overshooting the centre line on turning final for Runway 25 he regained the centre line by the Spa Hotel at 500 AGL and selected ¾ flap and 70 kt. Thereafter, his descent was normal and he recalls seeing about 65 kt airspeed as he flew over the airfield perimeter hedge, after which he cut the engine power to land. His next recollection was that they were just about to hit the ground………they impacted the runway…….he heard a cracking noise from the front of the aircraft, then a bang.

On impacting the runway the aircraft bounced back into the air – this was confirmed by witnesses on the ground and from pilots in a following aircraft lined up to land on Runway 25. Pilot A immediately applied full power and, while attempting to maintain the aircraft on the runway heading, it slewed off more than 90  degrees to the left, not gaining more than 30" or 40" in height, towards the airfield perimeter and the main Lucan to Celbridge road.  The port wing clipped the trees on both sides of this road before it struck the ground inside the adjacent golf club.  The aircraft then cartwheeled  as the engine and port wing were torn from their mounts. The main fuselage and starboard wing of the aircraft finally came to a stop inverted on the 15th fairway, some 100 yards from the main road.  The occupants were trapped upside down in the cabin area, with aviation fuel (Avgas 100 LL) dripping from the remaining wing tank onto the pilots.  There was no post crash fire.  


Occurrence Date: January 03, 1999
Report Date: August 01, 1999
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