Accident: Schweizer Model 269C-1, EI-CZL, Near Kilshanchoe, Co. Kildare, 1 Apr 2009: Report No 2010-009

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The helicopter departed Weston Airport (EIWT) at 16.02 hrs on a training flight with an Instructor and Student on board.  The Instructor stated to Dublin Air Traffic Control (ATC) that his intention was to operate south of Enfield between 1,000 and 2,000 ft.  The last communication with Dublin ATC was at 16.12 hrs as the helicopter transited into Class G airspace[1] outside the Dublin Control Zone (CTR).  Following this exchange, no further communication was made.  During a probable low-level transition after a practice autorotation (Section 1.18.1 Autorotation), the helicopter impacted disused electrical power lines at Kilshanchoe, Co. Kildare. An alert was raised following enquires made by family members the following morning.  The wreckage of the helicopter was located the following morning by an Irish Coast Guard helicopter.  The accident was not survivable and both occupants were fatally injured.  There was no fire.

[1] Class G airspace:All uncontrolled airspace within the Shannon FIR except for those areas designated as Class A and Class C.



Occurrence Date: April 01, 2009
Report Date: August 05, 2010
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