Accident: Rollason Condor D.62B, EI-BXT, Colehill Co. Longford, 2 September 2008: Report No 2009-011

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Shortly after take-off from Abbeyshrule Airfield (EIAB), the Pilot experienced a control problem with the ailerons, as the aircraft climbed.  They did not respond to his normal pilot input for a correction of bank to the right.  Control so disimproved that he had no option but to attempt a forced landing with the right wing dipping uncontrollably to the right.  It was in this attitude that the aircraft struck the ground and embedded in an earth bank near a minor roadway.  Both occupants were seriously injured.  There was no fire.

Occurrence Date: September 02, 2008
Report Date: April 27, 2009
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