Accident: Robinson R22B, EI-TKI, Hazelwood Sligo, 1 Aug 1997: Report No 1999-007

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As the aircraft approached its home base, it crossed Lough Gill, a large lake. The pilot then descended to the hover over a large field to the rear of his landing area. In the hover he performed final pre-landing checks. The pilot stated that at this time the main tank was indicating slightly under ¼ and the low fuel contents warning light was not illuminated. He then proceeded to hover-taxy the aircraft over a fence into his landing area. As he passed over the fence, he became aware of a significant loss of power, and the low rotor speed alarm activated. He flew the aircraft sideways to clear the fence and landed heavily. At touch-down the engine was already stopped. The undercarriage cross tubes were distorted as a result of the heavy landing. The pilot and his daughter exited the aircraft unhurt.


Occurrence Date: August 01, 1997
Report Date: May 31, 1999
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