Accident: Reims-Cessna F150H, EI-AST, Near Birr Airfield, Co. Offaly, Ireland, 11 November 2012: Report 2013-013

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The aircraft was conducting student pilot training at EIBR on the day of the accident. Following a touch-and-go landing on Runway (RWY) 18, the aircraft was observed by witnesses climbing away. They heard the engine lose power and saw the aircraft making a steep descending turn to the left before disappearing from view. The aircraft impacted heavily in scrub land and came to rest inverted. Both pilots were found fatally injured within the wreckage of the aircraft.
The Investigation found that the engine power loss was caused by fuel starvation. No technical defect that might have contributed to the accident was found.
As a result of this Investigation eight Safety Recommendations are issued.
Occurrence Date: November 11, 2012
Report Date: October 29, 2013
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