Accident: Rans S -12, D-MLAB, W Gibraltar Point Sligo Bay, 30 May 1998: Report No 1999-012

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The weather at Sligo was benign with no significant weather or cloud and a surface wind of 010º 10/15 kt.  Runway 29 was in use.  The aerial route allotted to D-MLAB took it via Coney Island towards Rosses Point and then eastwards towards Sligo town and defined points beyond the town. Maximum altitude was 2000 feet.   The planned flying time for this route was 1 hour 45 minutes.  The aircraft crashed some ten minutes after take-off, at 1810 hours approximately, into the tidal estuary of Sligo Bay, at a point about 1 km west of Gibraltar Point. Witnesses reported that the aircraft struck the firm sand of the estuary in a near vertical attitude.  The crash site was compact.  There were no survivors. 


Occurrence Date: May 30, 1998
Report Date: July 06, 1999
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