Accident: Piper PA, EI-EIO, Dublin Airport, 6 May 2000: Report No 2002-012

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Shortly after touchdown at a local military airfield, the right main gear started to collapse. The commander then applied full power and pushed the control wheel to the left to level the aircraft. After lift-off the crew noted that the right main gear light had gone out and that the red warning light (“gear unsafe”) had come on. Recycling the undercarriage, and attempting to drop it using the emergency extension system, did not change this condition.  The military personnel on the ground confirmed that the right main undercarriage appeared to them to be half retracted and after some time the commander decided to divert to RWY 11 at Dublin Airport.  An emergency was then declared.  The commander managed to hold the wing up off the ground until late in the landing run.  As the lift on the starboard wing decreased the undercarriage on that side collapsed outwards.  The aircraft slid to the right and stopped on the runway edge.  The crew were uninjured and exited through the right hand door.

Occurrence Date: May 06, 2000
Report Date: October 10, 2002
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