Accident: Piper PA 28, G-BEYO, Brittas Bay Aerodrome Wicklow, 13 Jun 1997: Report No 1998-004

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 The aircraft was flown from Scotland to Belfast City Airport, where it overnighted on the 12th. June.  The next day the pilot filed a VFR flight plan South along the coast towards Dublin, intending to participate in an Air Rally at Kilkenny Airport, scheduled for that weekend.

The pilot closed his flight plan with Dublin ATC overhead Brittas Bay Aerodrome, Co. Wicklow, at 1041 hours. He then decided to land there as he was unhappy with the low clouds over   0 the mountains westwards on his route to Kilkenny.  He made no ATC contact on the local frequency as it was unmanned at the time.  The operator of the aerodrome did not receive any prior notification of the flight.

Following a visual check of the airfield windsock the pilot decided to land on Runway 25 (540m).  On finals he applied full flap and, on landing, the aircraft bounced a few times and, as soon as he realised that he was in fact downwind, and that his stopping distance was too short, he applied full power to go-around again.  This action was too late and the undercarriage main wheels struck the aerodrome"s clearly marked perimeter fence, then struck a solid mud bank and cut through a second sheep restraining fence, finally coming to a halt in an unused rough area of the adjacent golf course.  Fuel leaked onto the cockpit floor.  There was no fire.

The pilot and passenger, who were wearing lifejackets and each secured by a five-point safety harness, exited the aircraft uninjured.

METARs issued by Dublin Airport on the morning of 13th. June, showed the wind varying from 310/350/10(+) knots, vis10(+) km, with Kilkenny reading 340/07  25 km.  5/1400  8/3000.




Occurrence Date: June 13, 1997
Report Date: April 24, 1998
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