Accident: Piper PA 28-181, EI-DDZ, Navan Airfield Co. Meath, 1 October 2005: Report No 2009-001

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The Pilot had intended a short circuit detail at a private airstrip near Navan, County Meath.  There were two occupants in the aircraft, the Pilot and a passenger.  Although there was some difficulty starting the engine, the power checks revealed no defects during the engine run-up.  Take-off was made on the westerly Runway (RWY) 27, with a slight crosswind from the right.  The aircraft accelerated normally and initial climb rate was good.  The engine stopped while passing through 100 feet above ground level (AGL) during the initial climb.  A forced landing was carried out into an adjacent field where the aircraft sustained substantial damage.  The Pilot suffered minor injuries.  There was no fire.

Occurrence Date: October 01, 2005
Report Date: January 05, 2009
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