Accident: Luton LA, 4A Minor, G-AWMN, Kilrush Airfield, Co Kildare, 29 July 2007: Report No 2007-021

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The pilot intended carrying out some circuit training in his newly acquired Luton Minor aircraft at Kilrush airfield.  It was his second flight of the day.  On approach to land, the aircraft bounced and, as the pilot initiated a go-around, the aircraft struck an ESB power line with the tail wheel.  This caused the aircraft to spin down onto the main Kilcullen to Athy road.  While there was a heavy vertical impact, with subsequent serious aircraft damage, the pilot exited the aircraft uninjured.  There was no fire.  The Gardaí and Fire services were quickly on the scene and the road remained closed to traffic for over three hours.

Occurrence Date: July 29, 2007
Report Date: September 24, 2007
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