Accident: CFM Shadow, EI-CMF, Dunmore Galway, 27 Feb 2000: Report No 2000-009

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It was the pilot’s intention to carry out one circuit from this field to flight test the aircraft for the purpose of the issue of the Permit.  Take-off was just after 1800 hours into a light south-westerly wind.  The orientation of the field is from east to west.  Once airborne, the pilot commenced his circuit and lost sight of the airfield.  He carried out a further two or three more circuits to regain sight of the airfield.   Once sighted, he made one final low pass to confirm his position and commenced his final approach to land.  With full flaps set, airspeed at 60 MPH and throttle closed, the pilot lined up with the field and flew into one of four large ash trees, about 35 feet high, on the airfield boundary.   On impact the aircraft spun into the ground and disintegrated, with the exception of the cabin pod structure. In this instance, the intact cabin structure may have prevented serious injury or loss of life. The pilot quickly freed himself from the cockpit and walked away unaided.  There was no fire.



Occurrence Date: February 27, 2000
Report Date: August 03, 2000
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