Accident: Cessna 206G Stationair, EI-HOG, Clonbullogue Airfield Co. Offaly, 15 March 2009: Report No. 2010-014

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The aircraft, which had recently commenced operation with the parachute club, suffered a temporary partial power loss at 9,000 ft as it climbed to drop its parachutists.  On the Pilot"s command, the parachutists exited the aircraft.  The engine recovered but subsequently stopped during the final approach.  This resulted in the aircraft landing short of the runway in a ploughed field and inverting.  The Pilot was taken to hospital but was later discharged.

The Investigation found that the engine stopped due to fuel exhaustion, which was caused by an inappropriate method of monitoring the fuel consumption and fuel quantity on board the aircraft.  A contributory factor was lack of operational experience with a new aircraft type. 

Two Safety Recommendations are issued; one to the Operator regarding its fuel management system and one to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regarding fuel settling post refuelling.


Occurrence Date: March 15, 2009
Report Date: September 14, 2010
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