Accident: Cessna 182L, EI-CDP, at Clonbullogue, Co. Offaly, Ireland 08 August 2015: REPORT 2016-017

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The Pilot positioned the aircraft, with three skydivers on board, overhead Clonbullogue Airfield (EICL) at a height of 3,500 ft with the intention of releasing two students for static line parachute jumps.
Following his release from the right wing strut, the first student was jerked back and saw that his main parachute canopy was entangled around the right-hand side horizontal stabiliser of the aircraft. At the same time the aircraft pitched up suddenly. The Student immediately ‘cut-away’ from his main canopy, his reserve parachute deployed and he landed within the drop zone at EICL.
Subsequent to the sudden pitch-up, the aircraft rolled to the right and entered a spin. The Pilot performed a spin recovery, which was achieved by 1,000 ft. The aircraft, with the remaining three persons on board, landed at EICL without further incident. Significant damage was found on the aircraft’s empennage and the Student’s main canopy. There were no injuries.
Occurrence Date: August 08, 2015
Report Date: November 30, 2016
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