Accident: Cessna 150 M, EI-CHM, Raharney, Co. Westmeath, 25 May 2006: Report No 2008-013

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The aircraft departed Weston Aerodrome (EIWT) at a reported time of 08.20 hrs on a flight to the west of the aerodrome.   The purpose of the flight was a revision detail for a pre-Instructors rating test of the right hand seat occupant.  At approximately 08.55 hrs, witnesses who were working on a house close to Raharney, Co. Westmeath, heard the sound of a revving engine and on looking towards the West saw an aircraft spiralling vertically down to earth.  A survey of the accident site determined that the aircraft impacted vertically; there was no wreckage path and both occupants were found fatally injured within the wreckage of the aircraft.  An inspection of the engine did not reveal any abnormalities.  No evidence of pre-impact aircraft malfunction was found.  There was no fire.

Occurrence Date: May 25, 2006
Report Date: July 08, 2008
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