Accident: Boeing 737-200, EI-CKP, Dublin Airport, 22 Jan 1999: Report No 1999-023

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At approximately 16.07, EI-CKP commenced push-back from Stand 9 at Dublin Airport. The push-back crew consisted of a tug driver, a wing-man and a headset-man. The push-back proceeded normally until the tug made a right-hand turn at the taxi-line. At this point the front-right wheel of the tug passed over the headsetman's feet.
The Headsetman attempted to continue the pushback, but collapsed on to the ramp and the Airport Police Ambulance crew were called. He was taken to Beaumont Hospital. He had sustained a broken left leg and several broken bones in his right foot and was detained for 4 days.
Occurrence Date: January 22, 1999
Report Date: December 23, 1999
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