ACCIDENT: Beechcraft Duchess 76, EI-BUN, Weston Aerodrome, 22 May 2014: Report 2015-003

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A Student Pilot was carrying out his first landing in a twin-engined aircraft. Following a normal touchdown, the Instructor noticed that the aircraft was drifting to the right and that the starboard wing was starting to drop. The Student and Instructor both attempted to maintain directional control of the aircraft. However, the two right-hand propeller blades made contact with the runway surface and the aircraft departed the paved surface to the right. Subsequent examination showed that the right-hand landing gear had collapsed due to a fatigue failure of the A-frame, which is part of the landing gear down-lock mechanism. The aircraft sustained substantial damage. There were no injuries.
Two Safety Recommendations have been made as a result of this investigation.
Occurrence Date: May 22, 2014
Report Date: February 18, 2015
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