Accident: Avions de Transport Regional 72-212, EI-SLM, Shannon Airport Ireland, 17 July 2011: Report 2013-008

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The scheduled passenger flight from Manchester (EGCC) to EINN made two approaches to Runway 24 (RWY 24) in blustery weather conditions that featured a strong and turbulent crosswind. The first approach resulted in a bounced landing following which a go-around was performed. The aircraft then conducted a second approach. Following a number of bounces the aircraft impacted the runway in a nose down attitude and the nose gear collapsed. The aircraft skidded along the runway before coming to a stop. There were no injuries but the aircraft was deemed to be damaged beyond economical repair.

A Preliminary Accident Report was published on the 23 August 2011. This Report contained Safety Recommendation IRLD2011010 which recommended that the Operator review the maximum crosswind limitations for approaches onto RWY 24 at EINN. The Safety Recommendation was accepted by the Operator and new reduced limits were published.

This Final Report issues four further Safety Recommendations.

Occurrence Date: July 17, 2011
Report Date: May 08, 2013
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