ACCIDENT: ATR 72-212A, EI-FAX, Dublin Airport Ireland, 30 September 2015: REPORT 2016-008

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The aircraft was on a scheduled passenger flight from Manchester Airport, United Kingdom, to Dublin Airport, Ireland. Following an uneventful flight, the aircraft arrived at Dublin Airport and taxied to parking stand 133L. Once parked, and with clearance from the Commander, the Senior Cabin Crew Member opened the passenger door, located at the rear of the aircraft, and prepared the integral aircraft steps for disembarkation. This included securing the collapsible handrail in the upright position.
During passenger disembarkation this handrail collapsed and a passenger fell from the aircraft steps. The passenger was taken to hospital where it was determined she had sustained a fracture to her right wrist.
Occurrence Date: September 30, 2015
Report Date: May 25, 2016
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