AAIU Statement – Aircraft Accident, Abbeyshrule airfield, Co Longford, 20 March 2016.

The Air Accident Investigation Unit (AAIU) of the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport has launched an investigation into a fatal accident at Abbeyshrule airfield, Co Longford that occurred at approximately 17.45 hrs on the 20th March 2016.

The investigation team made up of 3 investigators arrived on scene at 21.00 hrs and commenced the investigation. Following an initial examination of the accident site, the fatal remains of the sole occupant (pilot) were released by the investigation to the emergency services. Further examination of the accident site and wreckage continued until 24.00 hrs.  The accident site was secured overnight by an Garda Síochána and the investigation resumed on-site at 11.00 hrs today.

Activities at the accident site will include recording of the wreckage and general area, interviews with eye-witnesses and recovery of wreckage and documentation to the AAIU wreckage and examination facility at Gormanston, Co. Meath. The investigation continues and a Final Report will be issued in due course.



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