Final Report: Serious Incident involving a Vulcanair P.68 Observer 2, registration EI-ODA, at Weston Airport, Co. Dublin, on 18 March 2022. Report No. 2024-002


The twin-engine Vulcanair P.68 Observer 2 aircraft was located on the apron area at Weston Airport and was being prepared for an aerial survey flight. The Pilot was in the cockpit, and a Task Specialist, whose role was to operate the on-board aerial survey mission equipment, was in the cabin area. The Pilot started both engines, and while the aircraft was stationary on the apron, he switched on the electrical power supply for the mission equipment as requested by the Task Specialist. Electrical arcing and smoke began to emanate from the mission equipment’s electrical power supply cable. The Pilot shut down the engines, turned off all electrical power, and both he and the Task Specialist exited the aircraft normally. No injuries were reported to the Investigation.

The Investigation determined that the probable cause of the occurrence was mechanical damage to the mission equipment power supply cable as a result of being caught in part of the mission equipment, leading to electrical short circuiting, heating, and arcing. One Safety Recommendation is made as a result of this Investigation.

Occurrence Date: March 18, 2022
Report Date: March 21, 2024
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