Final Report: Serious Incident Airbus A330-202, (EI-LAX) On Take-Off, Dublin Airport 28 December 2017 Report – 2019-003



Just after take-off from Runway (RWY) 28 at Dublin Airport (EIDW), on a scheduled passenger flight to Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX), the Flight Crew of the Airbus A330 aircraft received a No. 2 (right-hand) engine fire (ENG 2 FIRE) warning, which required the No. 2 engine to be shut down. Following the shutdown, the fire warning ceased. The Flight Crew declared a MAYDAY (state of emergency) to Dublin Air Traffic Control (ATC) and also pressed the AGENT 1 pushbutton, thereby discharging an engine fire extinguisher into the engine compartment.

Following a review of the situation, the Flight Crew elected to proceed to Shannon Airport (EINN), which had a longer runway than those at EIDW. A holding pattern was entered near EINN to consume fuel and lighten the aircraft for landing. After approximately 20 minutes in the hold, an overweight landing was performed on RWY 06. The aircraft was brought to a stop on the runway, and was inspected by the Airport Fire Service (AFS), who advised that there was no apparent damage. The aircraft then taxied to its parking stand, where all passengers disembarked normally. No injuries were reported.

The ENG 2 FIRE warning was subsequently found to have been caused by hot, high pressure bleed air escaping into the No. 2 engine compartment as a result of the fatigue failure of a short section of No. 2 engine’s high pressure bleed air ducting.


Occurrence Date: December 28, 2017
Report Date: April 04, 2019
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