Final Report: Incident involving an ICP Savannah S aircraft, Registration EI-GUZ, at Clonbullouge Airfield (EICL) Co. Offaly, on 14 August 2022. Report 2023-004.


During a Private Pilot Licence skill test at Clonbullogue Airfield (EICL), Co. Offaly, the Savannah S aircraft, with a Student Pilot and a Flight Examiner on board, were conducting a simulated glide approach with the intention of a full-stop landing. During the landing, the aircraft bounced a number of times. The Examiner took control and initiated a go-around during which the aircraft briefly became airborne before the go-around was rejected. The aircraft landed and came to rest in a nose-down attitude at the side of the runway. The occupants, neither of whom was injured, exited the aircraft unaided. There was no fire.

Occurrence Date: March 28, 2022
Report Date: March 28, 2023
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