Final Report: Accident involving a non powered Paraglider adjacent to Nine Stones car park, Mt Leinster, Co. Carlow, 09 July 2022. Report 2022-009



The paraglider was launched from a point approximately 600 m north-west of the Nine Stones car park, adjacent to Mt. Leinster, Co. Carlow, Ireland, and was subsequently flown to an area east of the car park. As the paraglider was north-east of the car park, flying in a south-westerly direction, parallel to the road leading to the car park, it performed a sharp left turn, which was towards the up-slope of the hill. The Pilot impacted with terrain just to the south of the road and sustained serious back injuries.

Occurrence Date: July 09, 2022
Report Date: October 19, 2022
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