Accident: Fairchild SA 227-BC Metro III, EC-ITP, Cork Airport, 10 February 2011: Report 2014-001


On 10 February 2011, a Fairchild SA 227-BC Metro III registered EC-ITP, was operating a scheduled commercial air transport flight from Belfast City (EGAC) to Cork (EICK) with 2 Flight Crew members and 10 passengers on board.  At 09.50 hrs during the third attempt to land at EICK in low visibility conditions, control was lost and the aircraft impacted the runway.  The aircraft came to rest inverted in soft ground to the right of the runway surface.  Post impact fires occurred in both engine nacelles which were extinguished by the Airport Fire Service (AFS).  Six persons, including both pilots, were fatally injured.  Four passengers were seriously injured and two received minor injuries.
As a result of this Investigation 11 Safety Recommendations have been made.
NOTE: The AAIU Final Report into this Accident has now been translated into Spanish by the Spanish Accident Investigation Authority CIAIAC. The translated report is available at the link below. 
Occurrence Date: February 10, 2011
Report Date: January 28, 2014
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